Job Titles for the Laboratory Worker

Community College Programs prepare entry level laboratory workers with certificates and associates degrees with hands-on training. Job titles vary widely by company. However, laboratory jobs available to those with Certificates, Associates or Bachelors degrees require common skill sets. Job titles usually reflect the actual functional unit in the company. Below is a sample of actual job titles, listed by functional unit, from recent job postings. This is just a small group of jobs you may be qualified for with the hands –on training provided at CA Community Colleges. We recommend job seekers read each job posting carefully to see if their skills fit the posting text, not just the ‘title’ of the job.

Research and Development

  • Research and Development Assistant / Associate
  • Associate Pharmacology
  • Associate Assay Development
  • Process Development Associate
  • Animal Laboratory Technician
  • Biological Laboratory Technician
  • Chemical Technician

Bio-Manufacturing/ Production/ Bioanalytical Services

  • GMP Manufacturing Technician
  • Production Associate
  • Bioreactors / Cell Culture/ Tissue Culture Manufacturing Associate
  • Protein Purification Associate
  • Accessioner /Specimen Handler
  • Clinical Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Molecular Diagnostic Research Assistant

Quality Control (Q.C.)/Assurance

  • Biopharmaceutical Document Specialist
  • Biopharmaceutical Quality Assurance Tech
  • Laboratory Analyst
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Quality Compliance Associate
  • Quality Control Chemist
  • Manufacturing Inspection Tech

Incumbent workers wishing to upskill should contact the college program lead.

"The skills I learned/refreshed in BEST and the Applied Biotech classes were pivotal in my placement at White Labs. Your dedication to training and helping to find employment for people in our community is very needed and extraordinary."
- Glenn D.